LEEF Myofascial Release Tool

$ 99.95 $ 59.95
With LEEF, relief lies in the palm of your hand - literally. Ease muscle tightness and strain with this stainless steel myofascial release tool. With smooth, double-beveled edges, LEEF glides across your skin, breaking up tension and working out the knots in your muscles. Use comfortable soft tissue mobilization on sprains, strains, tightness, and other muscle injuries. LEEF's curved and ergonomic leaf shape fits the contours of your hand for an easy one-handed grip that works muscle tension out, without wearing you out. And when you need to focus pressure on a small area, use the ball end of this versatile tool. Speed up recovery and regain your mobility by equipping yourself with LEEF. FEEL the LEEF difference.
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP: LEEF's unique leaf shape curves to fit the contours of your hand for a comfortable grip that doesn't tire your hands
  • DURABLE: Made from polished stainless steel.
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for work with different muscle groups. If you need to focus on a small area, just flip it over to the ball end.
  • EFFECTIVE: LEEF works out muscle tightness and tension to help you find relief

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