Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

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  • Increase strength and size gain: Weightlifting straps strengthen your grip, so your heavier lifts don't slip
  • Low-profile design: Minimal branding and low-profile black make this wrist strap one you'll be proud to wear at the gym
  • Durable material: Premium blend of cotton and neoprene for maximum durability and moisture control.
  • Padded for maximum comfort: Neoprene padding around wrist ensures strap does not dig into your skin
  • Universal sizing: Adjustable wrist strap for men and women. Strap length: 23.5"

Want to take your weightlifting to the next level? Get a grip with the Think Ergo Weight Lifting Wrist Strap. A premium blend of neoprene and cotton ensures these wrist straps wick away moisture and last for many workouts to come. The padded neoprene cushion prevents the strap from digging into your wrist so you can push through those extra reps. Whether you're doing bodybuilding, powerlifting, deadlifts, or just want to uplevel your gym workouts, our wrist straps give you that extra boost you need. The strap is 23.5" which is perfect for wrapping around the bar an extra time for added security, and the width is 1.4" providing excellent grip. You wouldn't settle for less in your workouts, so don't settle for less in your weightlifting straps. Get the Think Ergo Weight lifting Wrist Straps and see your lifts gain more power and better grip.


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